London Architecture

Prince Albert Monument

Holborn Circus
London, England EC1N 2QX
Basic Information
Designed by Charles Bacon
Type monument
Neighborhood: The City
Bounding Streets:
Holborn Circus
More Information
  • This is sometimes called the most polite statue in London because Prince Albert can be seen as tipping his hat to pedestrians. In reality, the gesture was intended to be directed at the City of London.
  • The pedestal that Albert's horse stands on came from the city, but there is some controversy about who paid for the actual statue. Originally it was believed to have been commissioned by David Oppenheimer, the German founder of the De Beers diamond company. But he later denied it was him.
  • The statue commemorates the laying of the cornerstone of the Royal Exchange in 1842.
  • Fabricator: H. Young and Company
  • 1873: This statue was forged.
  • 1874: This statue was unveiled to the public.