London Architecture

The London Eye

Official name: The British Airways London Eye
Also known as
The Millennium Wheel
Jubilee Gardens
London, England SE1
Basic Information
Designed by David Marks and Julia Barfield
Type Entertainment Venue
Maximum height 450 feet/135 meters
Neighborhood: South Bank
More Information
  • October, 1999: Two Spanish environmental protesters climbed the wheel and spent two days in its girders.
  • August, 2000: A Dave Rolstone of Wales climbed up the Wheel to protest United Nations economic sanctions against Iraq.
  • 20 December, 2000: Kurds and Turks angry about how a series of prison riots in Turkey were handled took over the wheel. The riots were sparked by the burning deaths of a number of prisoners on hunger strike. Some of the protesters doused themselves with gasoline and threatened to set themselves on fire