London Architecture

The Tower of London

London, England SE1
Basic Information
Designed by William The Conqueror
Neighborhood: The City
More Information
  • The Tower of London is considered one of the most haunted places in Britain.
  • The ghost of Thomas A. Becket first appeared during construction of the Traitor's Gate in the 13th century. A priest saw him striking the gate with a crucifix, causing it to collapse.
  • It is said that the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn walks the corridors of the White Tower.
  • The ghost of Anne Boleyn has also been seen moving from the Queen's House to the Chapel of Saint Peter ad Vincula. Once at the chapel, she reportedly moves down the aisle to her grave under the altar.
  • It is said that the ghost of Catherine Howard screams for help in the corridor in front of the room where she was kept before being executed.
  • Ghosts have been seen reenacting the death of the Countess of Salisbury. The spirits relive the time when she refused to put her head on the chopping block like a common treasoner and was chased around the tower grounds by the executioner chopping bits out of her with his axe. Specifically, she was hewn to death.
  • The ghosts of 12-year-old King Edward V and his 9-year-old brother Richard Duke of York have also been seen in the Bloody Tower wearing white gowns.
  • The ghost of 16-year-old Lady Jane Grey has been seen on the battlements on the anniversary of her husband's beheading.
  • Phantom funeral carriages have been seen on the grounds.
  • A phantom squad of soldiers has been seen marching on the grounds.
  • The ghost of a woman in mourning garments (possibly a "gray lady") has been seen. There is a black void where her face should be.
  • Unknown foggy apparitions have been seen on the battlements.
  • It is unknown what haunts the Salt Tower, but it must be pretty bad since some say dogs refuse to enter.
  • The ghost of Sir Walter Raleigh haunts the Queen's House near where he was imprisoned.
  • There are always ravens at the Tower. They are cared for by the Beefeaters. It is believed that if the ravens ever leave the tower, England will perish.