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Salisbury, England SP1
Basic Information
Type Holy Place
Neighborhood: Wiltshire
More Information
  • English Heritage doesn't like the state of Stoneghenge. It's offering to pay US$88,000,000.00 to close a nearby freeway, put another one underground, and get rid of the portable toilets near the site.
  • May, 2002 - The remains of two men have been found buried at Stonehenge. Tests on the larger skeleton indicate he was between 35 and 45 years old when he died around 2300 B.C. The second person was 20 to 25 when he died. They were found surrounded by more than 100 personal items, including hair ornaments made of gold.
  • 11 Februay, 2003 - The Independent newspaper reports that DNA tests on the larger skeleton unearthed at Stonehenge reveal that he was from central Europe; most likely from the area of Austria, Germany or Switzerland. This is a disappointment to those who had hoped he would be one of the earliest Britons and even took to calling him "Amesbury Archer." Tests also show that the two skeletons were related, most likely father and son.