London Architecture

Broadcasting House

2-22 Portland Place
London, England W1
Basic Information
Designed by Val Myers and Waton-Hart
Cost £500,000
Type Office Building
Floors: 9
Neighborhood: Marylebone
More Information
  • The statue of Prospero and Ariel from Shakespeare's The Tempest was executed by Eric Gill.
  • When Broadcasting House opened, neighbors complained that the building blocked their light. They also complained that it blocked the sound of Big Ben tolling in the distance. To remedy this situation, a loudspeaker was installed on the roof to relay and amplify Big Ben's chimes to the level they would have been had the building not been erected.
  • Seven BBC employees died during bombing raids on Broadcasting House during World War II.
  • During the Second World War, the building's bright white facade was painted dark to make it harder for aircraft to target. It was still hit three times.
  • When Broadcasting House was built, a well was drilled to supply water to the building, but it was never used.
  • When the building first opened, it had 22 radio studios.
  • When the 2005-2010 renovation is completed, Broadcasting House will have 59 radio studios and six television studios.
  • The inscription in the original foyer reads, "a temple of the arts and muses."